Highlighting Filmmakers: “Night of the Squeal Hunter”

NOW PRESENTING:  Night of the Squeal Hunter by Bobby Myers


I was inspired by the classic horror genre to create Night of the Squeal Hunter.  Growing up, one of my favorite animated movies was Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.  To pay homage to Burton, I chose to move the pigs via stop motion (and of course, to put their lifeless bodies back in – the same way!).  I was also inspired by classic horror films such as Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (which is clearly referenced in the film) and Nosferatu, which inspired the “town” I created.  Finally, I am really intrigued by noir shadows and knew I wanted to incorporate one somewhere…psst, I did it!


First I developed the concept.  I knew I wanted to produce something thematically dark, but something that was also light-hearted – ah yes, a horror-comedy.  After I had the concept, I headed to the store and bought the players (3 pigs, 3 crows, one wind-up ghost)…or pieces, rather and began constructing the mini-set (with the help of my Aunt Charlene), which took 2 days!  Then came the fun part, shooting.  The shoot was initially intended to be started and wrapped in an hour or two, but after a memory card malfunction and lost footage, it took another six hours – and two more takes.  From there, it was all about selecting the right music and piecing it all together in a way that told a fun and quirky, yet suspenseful and dark story.

Favorite Part(s)?:

I particularly am proud of two things specifically: 1) the shadow I intentionally created when the wind-up ghost stalks the pigs and 2) the stop-motion (my first-ever attempt).

Your thoughts, comments, and just general reactions are welcome.  Did you like/dislike Night of the Squeal Hunter?  What do you think worked or didn’t work?  Did you have a favorite part?  Let me hear it!


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