Highlighting Filmmakers: “Notes from NOLA” by Bobby-james

Notes from NOLA

What was the inspiration for creating Notes from NOLA?

In May, I took a trip to New Orleans, my first vacation in about a decade!  I knew before I went that I wanted to shoot some amazing images and video – to capture the ambience I was hoping for and that I received.  The opening shot, with the yellow titles and jazzy intro., was used because, to me at least, it was very Woody Allen (think Midnight in Paris, in that it is, itself an ambient moment and piece of video) and seemed like a perfect way to start your experience of mine.

Where does the music in the video come from?

Everything you hear in the video is directly from a source! All sound (except my southern voice-over) was recorded on the streets or in bars throughout the French Quarter.  My favorite musical experience in NOLA happened on Tuesday, May 15 – I’d just come in from the swamp tour, showered and changed and headed out for the night.  As I walked past a bar called B.M.C., I heard the beautiful, soulful voice of Eudora Evans.  Evans was captivating, from her commanding stage presence to her flirtatious, rich vocals – which is why she’s prominently featured – twice! (And this girl doesn’t have a record deal!? Come on).

Why voice-over?

First and foremost – it’s all about acting credits when you’re an aspiring actor! Just kidding, but seriously, I wanted to record the voice-over you hear throughout the video with a southern drawl.  I think it leant itself to providing the viewer with a more ambient experience, as opposed to having all these images of food, life and creatures – then having the normal, run-of-the-mill midwestern voice overlayed.  By slowing down the narration, the video itself gains a personality and a soul – both of which represent my experience in New Orleans.

I’m interested…

What do you all think?  Like the video, music, narration?  Want to go to New Orleans?  Anything else you’re interested to know? Send in your comments!



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