Ooops! We missed a few!

Just in case you were wondering what your favorite film review website thought about some movies that unfortunately didn’t capture reviews here on As Seen By:

Contraband -Released 1/13/2012 – Starring:  Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale

To protect his brother-in-law from a drug lord Chris Farraday (Mark Wahlberg), a former smuggler, heads to Panama to secure millions of dollars in counterfeit bills.  This film was one that was a slow-to-start action fest that was as memorable as the duration of its run-time but still, it boasted some nice acting on part of the players and some pretty kick-ass action sequences.  Rated R, runs 109 minutes.  

Grade:  B-

Big Miracle – Released 2/3/2012 – Starring:  Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski

In small town Alaska, a news reporter named Adam (Krasinski) recruits his ex-girlfriend Rachel (Barrymore), a Greenpeace activist, to help on a campaign to save a family of Gray Whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle.  Billed as an animal drama, expectations were high.  The result was a mediocre, somewhat overwrought emotional roller-coaster that unfortunately, saw the need to include a cameo from Sarah Palin?  Still, there’s no denying that the Alaskan scenery and the whales are the stars of this show.  Rated PG, runs 107 minutes. 

Grade:  C

Safe House – Released 2/10/2012 – Starring:  Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds

A young CIA agent (Reynolds) is tasked with housing Tobin Frost (Washington), a most-wanted, highly dangerous fugitive, at his Safe House.  The safe house is compromised and attacked, leading Matt Weston (Reynolds) on the journey and thrill-ride of his life.  The actors are outstanding, especially Washington, the mystery and intrigue is intense and the third act twist is one only about half of the audience maybe saw coming.  Other than that, there’s just something that isn’t quite right and it’s difficult to identify.  All in all, solid action flick!  Rated R, runs 115 minutes.

Grade:  B+

The VowReleased 2/10/2012 – Starring:  Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum

After Leo (Tatum) and Paige (McAdams) are in a rear-end car accident, in the hospital, Leo comes to find Paige has lost her memory and that he must work to gain her trust and earn her love all over again.  Tatum gives one of his strongest performances to date and McAdams is charming and as always.  Billed as a The Notebook meets Dear John this film will work its way into your heart and be regarded as one of the memorable love stories told on the silver screen.  Jessica Lange delivers a stand-out supporting performance in a year that’s seen her career that’s experiencing a resurgence.  The Vow is both heartbreaking and endearing.  The Vow is rated PG-13 and runs 104 minutes.

Grade:  A-

There you have it!  Let us know – did we get some scores wrong or were they right on track?  Sound off in the comments. 


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