Hello everyone!

Beginning in October, each week the authors of As Seen By will present a “Top 10 Column.”  These columns will be completely objective and from the point of view of each individual author.  Topics will vary from week to week and each author will present in a scheduled rotation.

We would like this to be a fun and exciting process for ourselves and our readers, so in addition to your feedback, we are always open to suggestions for “Top 10” lists.  Some examples might include, “Top 10 Action Movies of All Time” or something like “Top 10 Villains in Film History.”

We’re excited to launch this new feature, in addition to our regularly published film reviews and hope that all of you will enjoy reading them.  Thanks for everyone’s continued support – here’s to taking As Seen By to the next level while ensuring we maintain “the reel scoop.”



One thought on “COMING SOON

  1. Ahhh this should be really very interesting I can’t wait for the first installments of the “Tops”.

    I always do enjoy reading the As Seen By reviews whether I agree with them or not is immaterial because it often gives me an alternative perspective from the authors view point regarding what they have gleaned from the experience and I am one who loves to indulge in words …… well done Bobby and team…… the way I really like the art work of the rolls of film with the eyes boggling at me…..very appropriate for the concept of these pages….!

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