The Hangover: Part II: The Wolfpack is Back and It Ain’t Pretty

Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, and Ed Helms reprise their roles for "The Hangover Part 2"

How do these guys do it? That’s what I want to know. After a night of drinking I can barely stand up to brush my teeth let alone run amok Bangkok dealing with every low-life criminal and tranny prostitute while searching for a lost and underage brother-in-law. And I sure as hell couldn’t deal with Mr. Chow.

The gang’s all here, and this time they find themselves wedding off hapless Stu (Ed Helms) to the ever so lovely Jamie Chung as Lauren in “Thigh-land”. Oh, I’m sorry, that’s Thailand. Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha reprise their roles as the straight Phil and Doug, respectively. And of course Zach Galifianakis as Alan steals most of the thunder with his zany and clueless zingers. Quite charming how Alan now refers to himself as a “stay at home son.”

What starts out as a normal bonfire with a couple of beers, in classic Wolfpack fashion, ends in some wrecked hotel room with a million unanswered questions (and some terrible catastrophe on Stu’s face. Oh my gosh! What could it be?). The boys find themselves in a creepy roach motel in the city of Bangkok after a night of blackout partying. The scene is quite disturbing this time, not as fun and memorable as the first go-around in Vegas. The motel is sweltering hot, with a severed ringfinger on the dresser, an aggressive monkey stalking in the bathroom and Mr. Chow’s weenis making an unsightly presence before Mr. Chow himself appears. Mr. Chow, as played by Ken Jeong, remains an audience favorite. Just the mere sight of him instills applause and laughter from the audience (why I don’t know).

And as soon as the gang wakes up from the hangover, Chow’s about to fill us in on the chain of events after a quick little bump, when boom! Dude apparently overdoses and dies. Well, son of a buck. I guess Phil, Stu and Alan are back on the job to find their new lost best friend, Teddy, Stu’s future bro-in-law. One might agree that stashing a dead Mr. Chow in an icebox isn’t really a good start to a lovely day in Bangkok. Don’t worry he’ll be back, and in much more bearable form. However, things only get worse, creepier and more grotesque as the plot thickens.

These poor bastards get caught up in the most outrageous bullshit in Bangkok, or really anywhere else in the world. How three average Americans could stir up so much (serious) mischief is beyond me. Unless, you’re a die hard James Bond fan, what the guys go through with international criminals and INTERPOL in this movie really doesn’t matter, just as long as Alan says something stupid and looks good doing it.

The Hangover: Part II has its moments, but relies too much on gags from the first film. At times the film becomes too dependent on referencing the original, and the only thing missing was a sly wink to the audience. Stu serenades us with a new song with graphic details, Alan has a cigarette-smoking, Stones-embroidered vest wearing monkey instead of a baby named Carlos, and that dude Doug (remember that’s who got lost in the first one?) stays out of trouble this time and probably knows better.

As a sequel, The Hangover: Part II can hold its drunken self up by grasping on to the original. But, on its own the film falls on its tattooed, drunken face. Check it out for some quick laughs. I wonder if these guys will ever learn to proceed with caution, or maybe stop drinking before weddings, as it seems to be a bad omen. But I really just wish monkeys could Skype.

Runs 102 minutes. Rated R.

Grade: C

Joe Roberts


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