Disney’s ‘Prom’ delivers a spectacular but unmemorable night

Starring a new set of Disney Stars, Walt Disney's 'Prom' brings back that high school nostalgia to its older audience

Prom (2011) is Disney’s take on that spectacular night many high school senior students dream of. However, the film relies on stereotypes and clichés of the millennial generation that are over-exaggerated as well as innuendos that are rather visibly catchable, making it hard to take seriously and tough to follow. But it does bring, to its older audience, that sentimental, nostalgic kind of feeling that “real life” prom brings for each graduating class … that’s about it.

Disney uses its newest set of stars for the big screen film – some who look familiar from family-oriented tv shows and some who are fresh faces. This was a good move for Disney as their more famous kids – i.e.: Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, etc. – wouldn’t fit the characters or do the plot any justice. Unfortunately, these new set of stars also don’t do the plot – actually, the entire movie – any justice as the acting was bland with no personality to match (So who’s to blame: the stars or the screenplay writer?). And, of course, going into a Disney motion picture that hits the theaters, you don’t really expect much from it, right? No, not right.

When the company does release a film worldwide, it’s not that bad and you expect yourself and the little ones to go home happy. Past films released by the Walt Disney Motion Picture Group – Remember the Titans (2000), Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), and Enchanted (2007) – lived up and exceeded expectations and were profitable (with Pirates being one of the most successful franchise from the company); a vast amount of marketing went into them. Prom wasn’t an exception to this. Here’s the official trailer that displays the promise and potential success of the film:

Unfortunately, the film didn’t belong on the big screen; rather, it should’ve been sidelined as a Disney Channel Original Movie instead. On the bright side, the film invested in a great, catchy soundtrack (the scenes went from song to song to song) that captures the essence of that coming-of-age stage teenagers go through.

Overall, I had good expectations for this film – that it would’ve at least stepped out of the cliché high school “story” that’s been done time and time again. However, as stated in the beginning, the film brings nostalgia for its older audience; parents and older siblings will most likely reminisce about their own high school prom and remember how they were asked (or how they asked) their date. But the film’s target audience (high school kids) will most likely be in tears from laughter or leave in the middle of the film (yes, I saw that happen) because, well, it doesn’t completely describe their high school experience. Personally, I’d save that trip to the theater and wait for it to come on blu-ray. Or on Disney Channel.

This film runs 104 minutes and is Rated PG.

Grade: D+

P.S.: If you’re wondering why I didn’t mention or give brief detail of the plot, just know what you think happens in this film most likely happens.


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